Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our HUMBLE Abode

Well, we've lived here for quite awhile, but I am finally getting our house pictures up. The pictures aren't super good, it's a small house, so it was hard to get back far enough to show much of anything in the pictures, but this'll give you an idea of what our house is like...

View from the front door looking in...

Our Awesome kitchen has no cupboards so we set up shelves to hold everything...

Rocco's fridge (I'd say it's our fridge, but as you can see, his toys are all over...)

The Living Room

Rocco's corner of the Living Room
The view from the Living Room to our bedroom...
Our Awesome Bathroom

Seth and Juli Bedroom

Hallway to Rocco's Room

Door to Rocco's Room

Rocco's Room

Yes, we know he has alot of toys, but he plays with all of them,
so we don't feel like we are over spoiling him...

Front of our house (duplex)

View from the front door looking out...

Back Yard

Well, that about sums it up.. We have one more bathroom (not pictured). But the water doesn't work in it, so it's being used as a storage room...
It's small, but for the Rent, it's Awesome! and we love having such a huge yard! and we just Love living here! Not to mention, it's real close to the school. So we are super happy with it...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This was Rocco's Second time at Disneyland,
but his first time enjoying Disneyland...

Even in the sweltering heat... Rocco Loves Disneyland!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Rocco's First time in Hawaii!

Uncle Sammy, Noah and Rocco!

Grandpa and His Boys!

Rocco, Me and Ta'ele!

Rocco and Me (Juli) got matching Tattoos!

Rocco enjoyed the PCC

More of our matching tattoos!

The weather was Perfect on PCC Day! The rest of the week it was kind of cloudy and frumpy...

Grandpa Loves Rocco!

Paintings in the Temple Visitor Center...

I took this picture of the temple through one of the windows in the visitor center... turned out kind of neat looking!

Rocco loved bathing in the sink!

Rocco loved the beach!