Monday, June 20, 2011

Disneyland May 2011

In May (yes, yes I really am that far behind on blogging), Seth got a day out of school and we went to Disneyland! It was such a fun day! The Chamberlin family came with us, which was awesome, because we were able to take turns watching the kids while the other couple rode "adult" rides. It was also nice just to have friends with us for the day! It's been awhile since we've been able to hang out with friends outside of a school function...
We've been to Disneyland with our kids a couple times before, but this time was awesome because they were both old enough to actually enjoy the rides! Rocco was seriously grinning from ear to ear almost ALL day long, and ZZ had a great day!

Rocco's VERY favorite ride was the Toy Story Mania ride! We got to wear "really cool" 3D glasses and we rode it multiple times! (And a eek later at Target Redstore we had to buy the Wii version of the game- Good thing it was way on sale!)

Rocco is a little dare devil that feels no fear! He rode the roller coaster on Thunder Mountain twice!, and was begging to go again!!!

ZZ liked the caterpillar ride in Bug World (at California Adventure Land) best!

ZZ and Makenna took little power naps while we waited in line for some of the rides...

Haunted Mansion was dark, but surprisingly both our kids LOVED it!

The kiddos got to ride the Jungle cruise multiple times while us Adults took turns riding the Indiana jones ride...

After the Jungle cruise we took the kiddos over to try out the Dumbo ride (that was my first Disneyland ride...).

Then we took turns going on Space Mountain (Rocco rode space mountain with Seth and I though...). That ride was kind of scary to me, but Rocco and Seth LOVED it!

While Josh and Lauren went on Space Mountain, Rocco had a blast making little Makenna girl giggle and laugh!

Then we went on Toy Story Mania one last time before watching the World of Color Light show and going home...

It was such a fun day! We all had such a great time! THANK YOU UNCLE CHRIS for letting us use your vouchers to get into Disneyland... YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Trevor our Baseball Star...

Seth's cousin Trevor has been playing baseball for UCR for awhile and we have been lucky enough to go to some of the games, it's been super fun! Rocco LOVES it! He always asks "Do we get to go see Trevor play baseball again tonight time?"... Rocco is one of Trevor's biggest fans! and we love going to the games!
Anyway, about a week or two ago, Trevor got drafted to the Angels!!! Yeah, that's right he's in the big leagues now! And we are so excited for him!!!