Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween 2011 SUPERS

LOL= Laugh Out Loud

Three SUPER Facts:
1 - I have the CUTEST little Superhero children ever!
(If you don't believe me: Look Again!
They're real, I swear... LOL!
If you still don't believe me- Leave your name and Watch Your Back!!!)

2 - I have the most talented Mother-In-Law in the world!

3- My husband is SUCH a Hottie!
( If you don't believe me: Just look at those muscles!
They're real, I swear... LOL!
If you still don't believe me- leave your name and Watch Your Back!!! )

For Halloween we were a family of Super Heroes!!!
I bet ya didn't know that when Batman and Mrs Marvel got married they created Wonder Woman and Captain AmeRocco!
( Heck! I bet ya didn't even know Batman and Mrs Marvel got married! )
It's true! I swear... LOL!
Kylene ( Seth's mom ), made Zeegan's ADORABLE WonderWoman costume! Including an awesome shield similar to Rocco's!
(I know WonderWoman usually carries a whip, but we didn't trust Zeegan with a whip... LOL )

We spent Halloween evening at Seth's Aunt Annette's house. We ate dinner and talked and laughed and then we all took the kids trick or treating. Rocco was so excited about Trick - or - Treating that he ran ahead of all of us slow parents and the babies and joined the bigger kids in the group. I hardly got to see him at all from door to door, but he sure had a great time!

Zeegan loved Trick - or- treating! The Chamberlin's joined us for the party and door knocking and I think Zeegan really enjoyed having someone her size to go door to door with... They were so cute together!

Just another example of Kylene's costume creativity:


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our stay in Tucson Arizona

Arizona. Where do I start? We LOVED the Mesa and Phoenix area. I HATED the Tucson area. But, we still had a lot of fun!

Our aparment-ish place that we were staying was nice. We got to stay in a two bedroom that was decorated prettily and had big nice furniture. The lady managing the apartments was VERY rude to me though, so I don't think I'd ever stay there again. But we did like that ZeeZee and Rocco had there own bed to sleep in.

Our first night there I wasn't tired when the kids fell asleep, so instead I painted ZeeZee's pretty piggies! I was pretty proud of myself for giving my 18 month old little lady a frenchish pedicure. I didn't do the greatest job, but she was SUPER excited about them the next morning when she noticed them :) YAY!

There was a Trader Joes right next door to our complex, so that was awesome! We ate yummy food throughout our Tucson stay thanks to TJs. And ZeeZee had fun using their shopping bags as her purse and dragging all her toys around the house in them.

Our second weekend in Tucson we took our kiddos out to the local pumpkin patch. It was gross. People were smoking and drinking all over the place. And the hay ride had us holding our breath and coughing the whole ride because the tractor driver was smoking in front of us. GROSS!
But, despite all that; we actually had a super fun day! Rocco and Zee were the best of friends all day and kept wanting to hold hands and hug each other. It was ADORABLE!
In the petting Zoo Rocco wasn't scared of the animals this year, so that was a whole new experience and ZeeZee of course was practically climbing on the goats. Crazy child! We sure love those kids!
After the petting zoo we got Kettle-Korn. MMMmmm Mmmmm Good! We ALL love that stuff! When I grow up I want my own kettle-korn making machine!

We brought ZeeZee's tutu along on our trip, and was a real fight everyday convincing her to wear anything else. But it was cute! My little princess sure is Pretty!!!

We didn't buy a pumpkin at the patch, but rather we went to Trader Joes after the patch and picked some clean ones out there. Then we went to Target and got Rocco a pumpkin decorating kit. He had so much fun decorating his pumpkin and was SOOOO proud of it when he was finished. Isn't he a cutie?!!!

ZeeZee is my little princess!

For a couple days during our stay; Rocco, Zeegan, and I drove to Mesa and visited my Aunt DeAnne and her family, cousin Aubry and her family, and my Aunt Lynda and her family. I did pictures for them which was fun! It was shocking to see how much everyone has changed and all the kids have grown, since i last saw them 5 years ago. I don't get around my family often enough at all!
Rocco and ZeeZee LOVED DeAnne's house and her puppy! They LOVED playing with Aubry's girls! But they mostly just LOVED DeAnne! Rocco's been asking to go back to "Gramma Aunt DeAnne's" house since we left...

(My BEAUTIFUL cousin Aubry and her family. They are looking to adopt if anyone knows of someone who's giving up their baby for any reason.)
(ALL my cute cousins)

(My fabulous Aunt DeAnne and Uncle Mike)

After going back to Tucson we took another trip back to Mesa, but this time Seth was able to come along! We went and saw Trevor Hairgrove's baseball game (Seth's cousin). One of the players gave Rocco a baseball and Trevor gave Rocco an official Angels baseball cap. Rocco thought he was pretty cool stuff! When he saw the hat with it's big "A" on it, he yelled "Aww! Dank-you! A CAPTAIN AMERICA hat?!!!" (yes he still says "Dank" rather than "thank"... I think it's adorable!)

On our way back to Tucson that evening we stoppen in Queen's Creek and visited a friend of mine from Middle School!!! It was soooooo fun seeing Elisha again! She has two adorable little twin boys and is an AMAZING hair stylist. She did my and ZeeZee's hair and I did some family pictures for her. Then we just visited and got caught up. It was sooo fun seeing her again!
(This is Zeegan's new cute haircut!)

ZeeZee found a new love while in Arizona: Fruit by the Foot!

One night we decorated Halloween cookies and then Rocco and Zeegan took turns (nasty!) licking all the frosting and sprinkles and candies off the cookies! They had fun... :D

Our housing place had a pool. Online it says the pool is heated. Online is lying. It was FREEZING! But we still spent many a days putting our feet in and shouting and having fun with the water....

Overall, we had a good time in Tucson, but (if I have any say about it) we WONT be going back! I wouldn't mind living in Mesa or Phoenix though. I REALLY liked it there! Seth will be interviewing there in just a couple weeks, so we shall see...