Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear Mrs L... Rocco's in Kindergarten!

A BUNCH of people have asked how I'm feeling about Rocco being a kindergartner, it's been hard for me to voice my mental state. I've spent hours trying to find the right words to explain my feelings. This post barely scrapes the surface of my thoughts and emotions, but here goes:

A couple days ago, armed with the list of requisite items, Seth and I took Rocco school supply shopping for the first time.  We let Rocco pick his lunchbox, a notepad, and a folder to go in his backpack. We let him pick some yummy treats to go in his lunch. We talked school up to him and made a big deal out of it. He was excited. I was nervous. I don’t really want to give up his first five years of childhood yet. I was feeling emotional; wavering between pride of how smart he is and how well he’ll do in school, and excitement for him to be starting something new, and fear of putting my precious little boy in someone else’s hands. I cannot begin to convey the bone deep terror I feel about this. My son, my special Baby boy, who’s not so much a baby anymore; is now going to have new woman in his life.  Someone who does not yet know or love him. Someone who will take over my role of teacher; At least when it comes to teaching subjects like Math, and Science, English and Social Studies (things I’m pretty crummy at teaching anyway! But still…). Someone who doesn’t love him the way I do. Someone who doesn’t understand him the way I do. Someone who doesn’t know that when he gets really grumpy or angry it’s because he’s hungry (even if he just ate!). Someone who doesn’t know it takes him forever to eat his lunch and he probably wont be done and might still be hungry after the 30 minute allotted lunch time. Someone who doesn’t understand how hard mornings are for him. Someone who doesn’t know the best way to soothe Him when he gets upset or when he cries. Someone who will have 20+ other kids trying to tell her things and might not have the patience or time to listen through Rocco’s stuttering to hear his story. Someone that’s not me…
Rocco may be 5 now, but he is still so little and helpless. And it is such a big and very bad world out there…
Yet, I am placing my dear sweet boy’s tiny hand in a stranger’s and praying that all will go well. My instincts tell me that I am making the right choice. He's ready for this. He's been ready. My gut tells me that Rocco will be able to learn and grow (academically) so much more with her than with me. She is, after-all, experienced in teaching 5 year olds. She is rumored to be one of the best. A few parents I know, trust, and respect have sung her praises (Yes, I shamelessly queried every connection I could about her).  And knowing this, I need to respectfully step back and let her do her job. I need to trust her experience and her love for rambunctious little five year olds. I need to fully trust this woman, this woman who has in the mid-section on the back wall of her classroom a little locker with the name of the boy who encompasses my whole world, and that means that he is a part of her class. I feel confident in this choice, and yet it is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do for Rocco.

So Mrs. L? This part of my blog-post is for you. 

Although you will most likely never see it.

I’m giving my most precious to you- Mrs. L- knowing that you will teach him, but also hoping you will care for him, and show him that he matters. Hoping you understand the difference you will make in his life (whether for good or otherwise). Praying that you recognize the awesome potential of your influence, and will help my Rocco discover the joy of learning and the wonders of school.   I wanted you, Mrs. L, to know of my struggle so that you realize what a special little boy it is that I am entrusting to your care for 7+ hours each weekday for the next year of his and my life.
I know Mrs. L, that I am asking a lot, but I want you to know that I will support you and remember that you are a person--- not a God,  and I therefore cannot expect perfection of you. I will try my hardest not to make your life any harder than it has to be. You can get sick, you can have your head turned during a minor bonk or scrape that might occasionally happen, you can even forget to send home his back-pack, his lunch box, or his folders. I will not expect perfection from you. I know you are human. But, I ask--- plead --- in return you will remember that this little boy is MINE! And he is my life. I would give my life for him (in fact I almost did). I want you to remember that when he is being difficult. I want you to grow to love him for the sweet, caring, and loving little guy that he is. Take the time to know my Rocco. This wonderful boy that holds my hand and cuddles with me every night, this little man who I pray for more times than I can count each day; he is mine. Remember that--- on those most difficult of days that I’m sure all teachers have, but especially kindergarten teachers--- remember you are holding my world in your hands.

Rocco's 5--- Batman Party!

I'm so behind on blogging. A couple weeks ago:

My Baby boy turned 5! Man I love this kid! He has been such a blessing in my life since the day he was born. I'm so grateful to have him!!! I love you Rocco Buddy!

Rocco got spoiled for this Birthday; Grammy Purcell came to visit! Rocco sure loves his Grammy! He insisted on sleeping in the loft with her every night. So on the morning of his birthday I snuck up there too and put balloons everywhere to surprise him. I also put out some presents that Grammy had brought with her for him. He was SOOO excited when he woke up!

 (Gramma Petersen sent Rocco a bunch of ones! he thought he was rich! lol. well, actually he was...)
 (Uncle Jesse sent Rocco a Marshmallow gun that scares the Heebee-Jeebies out of me everytime he shoots it cuz it makes such a loud noise... Rocco loves it!)

Grammy also got the kids a real fun kiddie pool while she was here that they LOVE! and spent quite awhile playing in on his birthday and also at his birthday party the next day... That one was a big hit!

 Rocco got some gifts int he mail as well. From his Aunties! Mail is so fun to get! Even to a 5 year old! Thanks Jadie, Geneil and Annette!!!

Rocco is obsessed with Batman. Ever since he showed up on Rocco's birthday last year (, Batman has been Rocco's hero!  So we of course had a Batman party...
I put together this quick little invite and he LOVED it so we sent it out. Rocco has since made quite a few little guy friends!, but at the time of his party we had met mostly little girls ZZ's age. I didn't want to disappoint him and not do the batman party he's been talking about for an entire year, so I decided to invite the little girls! Rocco didn't have a problem with that at all! As long as they'll play, he doesn't care the age or gender!

(Kylene and all her awesome skills made this way cool banner and superhero capes for all the kids! I helped, but she did most the work...)


(even the babies got little capes!)

We served all of Rocco's favorite foods: Mini Slider Burgers, Chips, Watermelon, (a couple salads that aren't his favorites, but were needed- Green Salad, Mac Salad, Cole-Slaw, and Jello Salad), cupcakes, donuts and capri-suns! The Donuts were a HUGE hit with all the kids! lol. I think we'll do that at every party from here on out!


Originally I was gonna set up a Batman obstacle course, but then I realized most the kids were age 2-3 and wouldn't be able to really do an obstacle course. So we put out the kiddie pool and the slip'n'slide and just let them free-play :)

Rocco loved having all his new friends there, but he was especially excited to have little Ms Daphne there! Daphne is one of Rocco's very favorite people in the whole wide world! And she was so AWESOME to come all the way out to celebrate with us! 
 Another surprise-ish visitor to come that made Rocco super excited was Uncle Sammy and his friend Alyssa! They came out from Dallas for the party! 

Thanks for helping Rocco feel so important Grammy, Daphne, Sammy, and Alyssa! As well as all our other friends who chose to spend their Saturday night with us! We loved having y'all at Rocco's party! We're so grateful for the many great friends we have made so far!!!

The day after Rocco's party; Grammy had to return to California. Rocco and Zeegan were so sad! ZeeZee cried all day long about it. We love Texas!, but not having Grammy and Grampa nearby has been really hard and made our kids shed more than a few tears... 

Thanks Kylene for spending Rocco's birthday weekend with us! We all LOVED having you here! But Rocco and Zeegan especially LOVED it... We LOVE you!

6 years down, Infinity to go...

Well Seth and my marriage is getting old...
Just Kidding!
We're practically still toddlers.
We have now been married 6 years! Seth started our anniversary off right! He left do-nuts for the kiddos so I wouldn't have to make breakfast! What an awesome Daddy! What an awesome husband!!!
For a 6th anniversary the "gift" is supposed to be Iron if you're in the US, but in the UK the gift is sugar. Seth left me a note that I could see right when I woke up that said "We're being Britts for this anniversary!" I then went upstairs to find a Ginormous candy poster! it was such a fun, and sweet and thoughtful gift! I LOVED it! I wanted to do something in return, so I decided to bake cupcakes and we could throw an "Iron"man birthday party for our marriage turning 6! Rocco LOVED this idea. Haha!

Daddy got home from work around 6:30-7ish (a little too late to ask a babysitter or friend to watch our kids), and our whole family went out for dinner. We went to a famly favorite place that we've gone to at least once or twice a year since we got married- BJs! We LOVE their BBQ chicken Pizza!
There was a bit of a wait to be seated, but Zeegan waited like a good little girl...

Then our family celebrated the day we began...
 (Awww... Matching! Rocco is so cute. He saw what shirt Seth was wearing and ran inside and changed his shirt cuz he wanted to look just like Daddy... CUTE!)
I love these guys! I'm so glad I'm married to Seth Purcell forever and ever. I'm so glad we're a forever family... :)
6 years Down, Infinity to go!!!