Sunday, May 18, 2008

Costa Rica!

Well our trip to Costa Rica was Awesome! The entire country smelt like sewage, and there were lots of mosquitoes, but that just added to the adventure!

This picture doesn't do the shot below any justice. The depth was amazing! There were trees growing out of branches on other trees. It was so Beautiful!

We zip lined for hundreds of yards at a time through and over the rain forest! At certain times during the year, when your zip lining through the trees, there are monkeys right there with you! We weren't lucky enough to see any while we were zip lining, but it was still incredible, being that high up and seeing so much beauty below you... Mata'utia!

This picture is taken from the bottom of the ramp we jumped off of for the Tarzan swing! It was so exhilarating! Better than any Roller Coaster I've ever been on!
This is Seth on the Tarzan Swing, he's hard to see in this image, but he's the one in blue clear out there in the trees.

Here I am, hiking the trail up to the first zip line post.

All suited up and ready to hit the sky!

Here I am at a natural hot springs. The water was delightfully warm!
Beautiful Country.

Boy was I glad they carry one of my favorite beverages in Costa Rica!

Yes, those are a million crocodiles ready to eat us below!

Turned out our sunscreen was expired... I got fried!

We passed this man, his oxen and his goose while driving from one town to another...

Costa Rican Decor!