Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zeegan's Blessing

We blessed Zeegan on Sunday. It was lovely! The actual blessing was beautiful and we had quite a few family members there to participate and support, which we are so grateful for.
Part of the blessing went like this: "We want you to know that you are loved by so many people, first and foremost, your Father in Heaven, and also your Earthly parents and other relatives and friends. We want you to lean upon that love throughout your life, to build self confidence, and in times of hardship, and to know that people are always there for you and that we care for you. Zeegan at this time we bless you as well with the ability to develop your talents throughout your life, that you may do so in order to enrich others and eventually/ and ultimately bring them closer to the Gospel and your Father in Heaven. We bless you that you will not only be a good example to those around you, but you will seek others who are a good example to you, and who will help you share your light with the world, the light which our Father in Heaven has blessed you with. We bless you with a strong body and strong mind. We bless you as well, that when the time is right, that you will be able to be sealed in the temple to a worthy companion, and that you will also be able to be a mother and raise your children in the gospel as well. We bless you that you will always have a strong testimony, and that you will be a woman in which no guile is found. We bless you that you will know and be able to lean upon your family always. We bless you with a love for the Temple as well, and the blessings which are found there in. And that you will have a respect for the Temple, and the Gospel as well."
It was so wonderful and beautiful and I am just so grateful for my baby Zeegan and for my wonderful husband who was able to bless my sweet baby girl with the power of the priesthood.
After the blessing/ church, we had a luncheon with the family at Seth's grand-parents beautiful home. It was so yummy! Seth did a fabulous job on the tri-tip and I (with the help of Seth's grand-mother, Colleen, who kept a sharp eye on it as it simmered at her house overnight...) made the Creamy Tomato Basil soup! My amazing sisters created a couple awesome fruit platters and my brother-in-law, Brett, and my mother-in-law, Kylene, were kind enough to butter and toast a TON of rosemary bread to accompany everything. Seth's cousin Stephanie helped me put together our Shrimp Avocado Mango Salad with an asian ginger chile dressing, which turned out INCREDIBLE! and then to top it all off, Freddy, Seth's Dad, got us (drove all the way down to Long Beach on Saturday to get these and surprise us!) three 'Paradise' cakes from King's Hawaiian Bakery (If you haven't tried this- it's AMAZING! I usually call it "Rainbow" cake, but "Paradise" is a better word for it... it's like biting into Hawaii... yum!). Overall dinner was great! With good food, great conversation, fun stories, lots of family and lots of love! Zeegan has a great family network who will always support her and be there for her; in thought, in prayer, in spirit, in person... Thanks-You ALL! and We LOVE you ZeeZee!

Monday, August 2, 2010


If ever Rocco were to join a "Little Rascals" type he-man-woman-haters club, he would be the Alpha-Alpha of the group! Not because of his crazy hair or his goofy smile, or even his lack of musical-singing ability, but because he LOVES the lady-folk!... He's a Secret-Ladies-Man! Or not so secret... He's got more girlfriends than guy friends...