Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas Morning

We did Christmas Morning super early. And by "super early," I mean SUPER EARLY; Like before any normal human being would ever willingly get out of bed. But, Seth had to go to work and we didn't want him to miss all the Christmas morning wonderfulness!!!
So apparently, even at like 4:30AM, kids (and even parents) really really do love Christmas morning...
Santa filled the kids' stockings with character items and all their favorite treats. Then Rocco got a Batman Helicopter and Zeegan got a Ballerina tutu and ballet slippers. They both loved what they were given!


Seth and I stayed up half the night, making Zeegan a ballet mirror and barre. Worth every lost second of sleep! She loves it... 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Twas the Days before the Night before Christmas!

Wanna hear all about our Christmas festivities? Okay! Well you actually wont find/ hear/ read all of them, but there are a few I actually took pictures of and will share...

First: I have a house now! So this year I decorated!!! Yay! Double Yay actually!!! The pictures just don't do it justice ;). But here you have it:


(Look at my gorgeous front door!!! Another amazing thing Grammy Kylene helped do while visiting!)

My tree really was beautiful. You can't tell from the pictures, but the tree was done in light country blue, off-white/cream, burlap and raffia. I had blue and cream bulbs all over the tree, big burlap bows and some cream poinsettias, and then raffia strung/ wrapped throughout. It was fabulous! lol. And Rocco and ZZ helped decorate the big tree, made their own ornaments, and decorated their own little mini tree! They really got into the spirit of decorating! Man they are cute... 

The Surgery department at the hospital had their annual Christmas Party. That was fun! They had an open bar, and I'm pretty sure the bar keeper was literally confused when we asked for Root Beer instead of regular beer. lol. Then while mostly everyone else in the room got louder and weirder by the hour, we got fatter. LOl. Because they also had a dessert bar! With- no joke!- some of the yummiest Chocolate Mousse something-or-another's that I have ever tasted! Divine!
(Someones told me that I look like Seth's trophy wife in this photo. LOL! For Reals?! Me a trophy wife?! That's a joke... But seriously- was that a compliment or a diss ;-P...)

ZZ's cousin Autumn sent her these princess Pajamas (Autumn has matching ones). I think ZZ will now consider Autumn one of her best friend's for life! a true bossom buddy (as Anne of Green Gables would say). She loves them! I think i'll have to cut the feet out though, cuz the poor girl has sweaty feet! TMI?

We had Carmen and Nora over for a cookie decorating day. SO MUCH FUN!!! I think when you get older, often times you forget how delightful it is to put sprinkles on a cookie. Jill and I might have decorated more cookies than our kids (Don't tell!).

On Christmas Sunday both my kids were sick. Like really feeling really sick. But I was supposed to be singing in church (with the choir) and Seth was working. So I got them ready, sat them on the front row at church, did my part in the program and then took them home again. They weren't feeling good so I didn't get any great photos, but they looked so cute that I had to try!


On Christmas Eve, at bedtime, Rocco just about died cuz we didn't have any fresh cookies to leave for Santa. Heaven forbid! So Seth, being the awesome Daddy that he is!, helped them bake (and eat) cookies before bed. Santa LOVED them!