Thursday, April 30, 2009

San Diego with the Yerkes Family

This week the Yerkes Family has been in town visiting and playing with us. Rocco and Mommy (JuLi/ me) went to San Diego for 3 days with them...

Day 1 in San Diego:
When we got there we had to take all the stuff and the 4 kids up to the room, so we loaded ALL of it onto the cart and went...

While us Adults unpacked, the kids played on Rocco and My bed!

Then we packed them in the car and hit the nearest mall! Rocco loved Rachael's minivan because it had a cool built in car seat thing... awesome! (Sorry though buddy, Mom wont be driving a mini van in this lifetime! When it come to family cars, I'm more of an SUV person, although the minivans do get better safety ratings so you can't blame those who drive them...)

While browsing through the Nordstrom Rack sales (Yes, even on vacation I am cheap and only shop the sales... in the outlets), the kids started getting restless, so I told them if they could be good for just a little while longer we'd go see the puppies... Rocco loves puppies.

Day two in San Diego:
We spent the day at the Zoo

Rocco loved the monkeys and the Gorillas most:

All the kiddos loved the Bear cave though...

We HIKED up this huge hill pushing our incredibly heavy strollers, just so we could ride the Skyfari to the other side of the zoo... it was worth it! Rocco LOVED it! and the view was great!

Look at the little Buggers!!!

Our last stop at the Zoo before we went home was at the Petting Zoo... Rocco only touched the fake animals.

On our way out, they saw the rides and had to sit in them...

Day 3 in San Diego:
We spent the day swimming. it was kinda cold at the beginning, but the pool was heated so we didn't even mind!

Rocco and I had to get home Wednesday night so we are missing the rest of the week of fun, but we enjoyed what we could! Thanks Yerkes Family!

The Little Polar Bears

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The Skyfari

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The Gorilla Boys

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The Mall Puppies

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kiddie Pool

Today Rocco got to play in the swimming pool the Easter Bunny left for him at Grammy and Grampa Purcell's house... lots of fun!

sorry for the cell phone images

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter FHE

Tonight we had an Easter FHE with some of Rocco's friends and their family's.

Rocco got to hunt eggs again...

His friends had fun getting eggs to, it was fun.

Everyone went home happy...
we hope

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter Morning Rocco woke up on the WRONG side of the bed...
But once he saw his Easter stuff, he forgot about the bed all together!

Easter afternoon we tried to take pictures in our Corresponding Easter Ensemble, but didn't have much luck... it's hard to get Rocco to look at the camera and smile when no one is behind or holding the camera...

Here's the video of Rocco's second Easter ever! Please excuse how nasty I look, I'd just gotten out the shower so my hair was wet and my face was without makeup... not a pretty picture!