Friday, August 26, 2011

Rocco's Coolest SUPERHERO birthday party of all time!

Rocco’s Superhero Birthday Party

This year when I asked what kind of birthday party he wanted, Rocco's response was “Batman! No, no, wait… CAPTAIN AMERICA! No, no, no, wait… IRONMAN! No, no, wait… THOR! No, no, maybe just Captain America….”. Based on Rocco’s response I decided to throw a party with all the superheroes instead of just one Superhero.

I made some comic strips and turned some of Rocco’s pictures into cartoons, then created his Birthday invitation from those. Humbly speaking; I think it was the very BEST birthday invite I’ve made so far! HeeHee! I used the same comic strip patterns to create the sleeves for the party drinks…

I had fun creating the jars for the candy bar. Rocco said he wanted Sandwiches for his party. I’m pretty sure he was referring to PB&Js, but I made Pulled Pork topped with coleslaw, Beef topped with coleslaw, and Chicken coleslaw sandwiches instead. They turned out “Super” yummy! Even Rocco liked them (thank goodness)! We had Jello shots and a bunch of different salads to go with our lunch and then of course we had cake, Ice cream, and snow cones following lunch!

The cake was a HUGE hit! THANK YOU TRICIA BUNKER for the most AWESOME super hero cake of all time! Rocco absolutely LOVED his cake. He stood and stared at it for five minutes straight (no joke!), when he first saw it.

Rocco received a LOT of fun presents! He didn’t know what to do with himself he was so excited about all of them! He got a Spiderman outfit from Aunt Geneil and put it on immediately!

After opening his presents Rocco gave all his friends a present to thank them for coming. He passed out Superhero capes and masks (Thank you Grammy Purcell for the AMAZING capes)… They were a BIG hit!

Thank you everyone for coming and making Rocco’s 4th Birthday so SUPER!!!

On our way home after the party Rocco told me "Thanks mommy! that was the VERY VERY VERY VERY very very.... BEST BEST Superhero party ever!!!" So een though not everything I wanted to do happened, I think it was a success because my little Superman LOVED it! Yay!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rocco's 2nd First day of school

Rocco’s school year has begun again, and altho he will be missing two months while we are gone on our away rotations, we decided to sign him up for classes anyway! He goes two days a week and LOVES his teacher Mrs Schmidt. She’s so good with him.

Rocco picked out his outfit (yes including the laces in his shoes!), from hair to foot for his first day and was quite excited about wearing it. He wore his new favorite jeans (birthday present from Auntie Nettie) and a birthday shirt from Grammy. I love having an August birthday boy because it keeps me from having to do back-to-school shopping. LOL!
Zeegan got so excited for school too and cried her little heart out when I made come home with me. Poor baby.

I can't believe my baby boy is so grown up already!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Fun in the SUN!!!

Summer Fun in the Sun

This summer we spent a lot of time swimming and having fun together! It has been one of the funnest summers I can remember ever having…

Zeegan and Rocco are the best of friends and became even more so over his Summer break. They spent everyday laughing and fighting and playing with one another! And every time ZeeZee would go down for a nap; I’d have to keep Rocco REALLY busy, otherwise he would go wake her up because he just “love(s) to play with her soo much”.

Rocco took swim lessons and LOVED them. He can now swim the length of the pool without any help. He can also float on his back and even do the bask stroke. Rocco just absolutely LOVED his teacher “Miss Megan” and now that swim lessons are ended we are having trouble getting him to swim the way he was taught, because he just wants to swim that way with his Miss Megan. Oh well! At least now I know he can keep himself from drowning if needed J Yay!
Seth joined us in swimming every chance he got, which really wasn’t that often, but it was such a blast every time he was able to spend the day swimming with us. Zeegan and Rocco both took every opportunity they were afforded to show off for their Daddy! Zeegan especially loved jumping off the diving board into Daddy’s arms; she thinks she’s such big stuff! LOL.
Each time we swam at the Vines residence Rocco and ZeeZee would end their play time in the shower. I think my little fishy Zeegan loved the shower more than the pool, and that’s really saying something because she adores the pool!