Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick-or-Treat! Smell my Feet...

On Halloween we went to the party the family has every year at the Hairgrove's house...

As soon as we got there Rocco got a hold of a scooter and was playing on it the whole time the rest of the kids played the fun Halloween games:
We made mummified marshmallows with fruit by the foot...
Emily was like a little kid she was so excited to eat hers!

Rocco just sat and licked his:

There were lots of cousins and friends there having some Halloween Fun!

We played "Pin the Head on the Skeleton"

Grammy Kylene made AWESOME costumes for Teal and Sage to wear...
Sage was a Skittle!
Teal was an M&M!

They were attempting to look delicious in this picture... haha!
("attempting" being the key word in that sentence!)

Daddy (Seth) tried on Rocco's vampire teeth, Rocco thought it was soooo funny and then made Seth put them on him!

When Rocco first saw this Jack-o-Lantern, he got all worried and asked Seth
"It's Sick?"
And Seth told him "Yeah, the Pumpkin is sick...", So then Rocco suddenly gets this 'lightbulb just turned on in my head' look, and says
"It's Mommy Pumkin?!"

One of the games was Musical Squares and the prize when you got out was a cupcake, so all the little kids were happy when they got out...

After Musical Squares we had a dance contest, all the kids were winners...

Then they all posed in their Halloween costumes for pictures before FINALLY getting to go Trick-or-Treating!
Rocco was not happy about having to pose for pictures, he just wanted the scooter and to get some candy!
When all the kids started going house to house and Rocco figured out that he got candy at each house, he just took off running, it was hilarious! he was running as fast as his little scarecrow legs could carry him from house to house, the whole time yelling "Go! Go! Go!" to anyone he passed on the way... so funny!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jack-O-Lantern Fun

Daddy (Seth) helped Rocco carve his very first pumpkin on Friday, just in time for Halloween!
Rocco had his own little tool to do the carving...

Rocco LOVED getting the seeds and gunk out of the inside, he was screaming "eew!" and laughing as he did it!

Seth carved the face into the pumpkin, but then Rocco went back over it a couple times with his little tool to make sure everything was perfect...

Then he got to look at his final creation

Rocco got so excited when we turned out the lights and lit the jack-o-lantern...

Fun Times!