Saturday, December 31, 2011

Exploring and Touring Los Angeles

So throughout November and december, Seth has had to go to LA a couple times for interviews and such. When he interviews, the schools usually do a dinner the night before. So even though we live within driving distance (a little over an hour) from LA; since he had to be there the night before and the day of the interviews, we found it cost almost the same to just stay overnight in a hotel as it would to drive back and forth two days in a row. We love (nice) hotels! so obviously that was our choice. Priceline made it possible for us to stay in some pretty awesome hotels at some very affordable prices. We made the most of it!!!

Everytime we got to our room in whichever hotel; Zeegan would climb up on the bed and cover herself in pillows! she loves hotel bed pillows! LOL... Can't say I blame her, most the time I joined her in the pillows as soon as I dropped the luggage on the couch or in the closet!!!

During the days, while Seth was interviewing, the kids and I would swim until checkout and then we went and found fun parks to play at until Daddy was finished....

We loved seeing the LA temple! We visited the visitor center and played with all their fun activities. Rocco loved coloring his family and Zeegan loved the big Jesus statue. She kept yelling "SHE-SUS! SHE-SUS! SHE-SUS!!!" at the top of her lungs, while pointing. She loves Jesus.

We visited the Griffith Observatory and played in the park and walked the neat trails around the area. It was so beautiful and the kids really loved hiking the trails and playing outside. I believe we will frequent those trails and playgrounds often if we match with one of the LA schools for residency...

We walked the Walk of Fame. And guess what I learned?! (Besides that its not so cool as it looks in movies- it's really quite dirty). John Wayne had very tiny feet for a guy, and Doris Day had very large hands for a woman! LOL. I love Doris Day.

We couldn't go to LA and not try Roscoes!!! We might've been some of the only non-african-american peoples in there, but we ate like the best of them!!! The waffles were FABULOUS! and we loved us some chicken! Yummy!!! Who knew the two work so well together? Not I. But now that I know, I think we should start a tradition of Fried Chicken with waffles at our house every New Years Eve....

Living Desert Zoo

One of my very favorite cousin's and his family, recently moved to the Palm Springs area. The day after Thanksgiving we went and played with their family! We went to the Living Desert Zoo...
Rocco and Ayson (Tory's son) and Zeegan and Macy (Tory's daughter) are very close in age, so they all have a lot of fun together. We had an AWESOME day (other than my car sickness on the way there and back)! Tory's mom and brother, my gorgeous Aunt Kathy and cousin Teren, had come up for Thanksgiving and to meet their newest family addition (baby Ruth), so Kathy came with us to the zoo, and the kids LOVED her! While we were walking around we saw and met Diane Keaton who was there with her grandkids and family. My Aunt nearly fainted on the spot. It was Hilarious! Such a fun day...
THanks Tory and Janie and Family!!! Kathy and Teren it was SOOOOO great to see you guys again! Love you all... :)

Thanksgiving 2011

A couple days before Thanksgiving, Gramma Petersen helped me make Cranberry Pepper jelly (For leftover Turkey sandwiches the day after THanksgiving). The kids came with and played and at Pizza at Gramma's house while she and i cooked. It was so much fun, and can I just ell you--- YUMMIEST sandwich Jelly ever!! Making this Jelly is definitely gonna be a new annual tradition for me!

Then on Thanksgiving, all the family(that was in town and around) came to Gramma and Grampa Petersen's house, where we feasted, slep, and feasted some more! (and Rocco lifted "weights"... lol)