Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ZZ's first Birthday Party

I know this post is over a month late, but I've been having troubles uploading pictures to blogger lately. SORRY!

Our sweet little Princess Zeegan turned one, and we threw a luau to celebrate...

Thinking it owuld help me be more on top of things and better prepared the day of, I decided to schedule the Luau for 3 in the afternoon. It was a great plan really, except for one thing... Everything that could go wrong, pretty much did go wrong:
1st- the Wind! It was soooo windy! We went and set it all up first thing the morning of, and when we came back out, everything had blown over and away. It was bad! Over half the decorations weren't useable, We couldn't use the bouncy house because with the wind as bad as it was; it just wasn't safe, We had to have people holding the canopies down throughout the entire party, and at one point a whole tray of steak got blown off the table onto the ground... Plus, the wind made everything cold. I hate being cold.
2nd-The dancers; I didn't plan games for the party, because we were having a bunch of dancers that were gonna do a great show and cover the entertainment factor, unfortunately most of the dancers weren't able to make it to the party, and the dancers that didn't show up, were the dancers with the music for the show. So even though I had Seth's wonderful sisters there to dance and their amazing outfits, incredible talent, and speakers huge enough to blast the music... they weren't able to do any of the hip-shaking tahitian amazing dancing, because we didn't have their music or half their group... sad! But they did do a couple slower dances which was nice to have! Thank goodness!!!
3rd- ZZ was a grump! She's usually the happiest little lady, especially when she's getting attention, but for some odd reason she was grumping at everyone!

But; Despite the horrible wind, and having to re-do everything last minute, and therefore starting an hour late. Despite not having games or entertainment. Despite the guest of honor being grumpy... The party really was fun!
1st- because the food was amazing! Grampa Freddy and Daddy Seth really outdid themselves. Grampa Freddy cooked a whole pig and enough chop suey to feed an army! Seth made his fabulous Terriyaki chicken and tri-tip steak. I made a couple salads and about a billion trays of different types of fruit.
2nd- Because we had fun people there! Luckily our friends and family members are all pretty understanding and were great about our lack of organization and timeliness.
Grammy Purcell was basically the behind the scenes runner of this party. Everything that did work out; worked out well, and it was because of her! She made all the last minutes trips to the grocery store, she made all the fun gift packs for the kids to take home with them. She figured out the new decorations when the original ones were all blowing away, she was doing everything, and doing it with a smile... Thank you Kylene!

All the kids LOVED the snow-cones... they were the biggest hit of the party, except for maybe the pig head (yes, that's right- I said "pig head"... read on.)

The cake that Tricia Bunker made for ZZ to dig into was SOOOOO cute! She did an amazing job!

Even though Uncle Sammy had work, he ran over to spend time with his favorite little niece! He kinda had to, they share a birthday...

Here's that pig head I was telling you about: Jonah ate a piece of it's ear, and toward the end of the party, all the kids started giving it kisses (I know, right?!!: gag-worthy!!!)
(windy, wind, wind, wind...)

Grampa Freddy went and got a HUGE Hawaiian Paradise cake to share with all of ZZ's friends at the party... SO YUMMY! I could rave about this cake all day, but I kind of already did that in the post from her blessing (10 months or so ago...).

All the kids were BIG helpers in opening the presents. Which was a good thing, because ZZ wasn't interested in opening them. But she LOVED what was inside them!
Only problem with having so many helpers is that I have no idea which present came from whom. Oopsies!

In the end the kids found ways to entertain themselves, and all the adults were able to sit around and visit, so it's okay the entertainment didn't work out like I'd planned.
(Not sure why this is underlined, and why I can't turn the underline off)

Once the kiddos got bored of the hula hoops and rope, they took to kissing the pig and playing with it's face and teeth... gross!

After the party I think Seth and I were both dead tired; because we both seriously killed over on the couch while the kids played with all ZZ's new toys!
Zeegan is one now and we're so glad we've had her in our family for a whole year. We were glad to be able to celebrate her existence with friends and family, and we're so happy so many people love our little princess!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter at our house 2011

On Easter Eve the Easter Bunny came to visit Rocco and Zeegan and left them a little bit of everything they love... The Easter Bunny also hid eggs all over the living room area.
Easter morning (we woke up late and were therefore late for church and not remembering things like to take pictures unfortunately...) Rocco and Zeegan came out and saw what had been left for them, and sadly were not very excited! Oh well!, Good thing presents aren't what Easter is about!! Zeegan was terrified of the big ball the Easter bunny got her ( I totally thought she would love it because she loves little balls and she says "ball" ALL the time!), and Rocco didn't seem to care one way or another about the Moster truck Lightning McMean that he got (I REALLY thought we'd nailed it on that one, cuz he's been asking for that particular car since Christmas!), but Rocco did love ZZ's ball! and both kid's had a blast finding the Easter eggs that were hidden all over the place!

Easter night we all went to Gramma and Grampa Petersen's house and celebrated all the Easter Birthday's! Unfortunately the only picture I got of Rocco and Zeegan TOGETHER on Easter was at this party and ZZ was no longer in her Easter clothes....
ZZ and Sammy who share the same birthday both got to have cake's again, which Zeegan loved!!! Only problem was that the blue frosting on ZeeZee's cake got all over her tummy and legs and dyed them pretty good! It took about 3 days and ten baths to get it off... but she lovved it!!

Zeegan had two Easter dresses this year.
The first one we got about a month and half or two months before Easter. Seth's Aunt got it for Zeegan and she looked SOOO cute in it! But when we pulled it out a week ago to take Easter pictures, but it wouldn't button up anymore (but we still took pictures, I just didn't button up her dress in the back!), and when we went back to exchange it, they didn't have that dress anymore, so we got her a different fun dress that she can wear this summer...
The second dress ended up being her actual Easter dress. It's this beautiful light blue striped dress that Grammy Purcell got for ZeeZee turning one! The neat thing is that this pretty little Easter dress just happens to be the same one Zeegan's cousin Autumn got for Easter, it's too bad they don't live closer together so we could get an Easter picture of the two of them!

We got all the Great-Grandkids (of Gramma and Grampa Petersen) and took a picture of them in their Easter outfits (well actually Rocco's not in his Easter outfit because it was dirty)... Unfortunately they were all being little pills and we couldn't get them all to smile for a SINGLE picture! But that's okay cuz the ones we got are fun and we did get one or two where they were all at least LOOKING at the camera, and really that's all we could ask for!

HAPPY -belated- EASTER!!!