Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oahu Hawaii

After "Kawaii" we flew to Oahu. Oahu isn't near as pretty as Kauai, but it's fabulously sunny! We spent everyday at the beach (except for Sunday and the one day we went to the PCC).
Seth's sister Jade was kind enough to let us steal her living room floor and couch for the week. We were practically taking over their entire house- SORRY NAYSE! But we didn't spend a whole lot of time inside, cuz it was so fantastic outside!

Our first day in Oahu was a Sunday. We went to Seth's Uncle Kingy's ward and then we went home, changed our clothes and took a walk down to and along the beach. After the beach we went and visited  long-time-no-see family members!

Then Monday morning the real fun began! BEACH BUMS!!!
We visited a couple beaches that week, but did the same thing at each of them...
We had FUN of course!

One of our beach days we went to Turtle Beach, and what do ya know?! We saw a turtle!

 We spent a LOT of time digging little swim pools...

 My little Beach baby! She loves my sunglasses...

 Best friends...

When the beach got to hot we would hit up Matsumoto's for some incredibly yummy shaved ice with ice-cream in it...

Then late one night (after ZZ was asleep), we took Captain AmeRocco to see The Avengers!!! He was standing the entire movie! He was to excited to sit. We all LOVED it! The Purcell's are Superhero fans through and through... hee hee! Zeegan woke up at the very end of the movie, sat up and yelled "Ironman?!!"

On another night in Oahu we went and visited the Temple and it's Visitor center. 

I found a new love in life while in Oahu: MALASADAS! Those things are amazing! First time trying them, definitely not my last time though!

  Thanks to Jade and Nayse, we were able to spend an entire day at the Polynesian Culture Center. The kids LOVED the PCC. 
Their Favorite Part? Feeding Fish!

 I was pretending to be a dancer in the show...
 Throwing spears. Rocco and Seth were good at it. Mine only went about 2 feet. I almost hit some woman's newborn baby!

 We probably spent half hour "fishing". The kids LOED it!

 Rocco, Zeegan and I got matching tattoos. Seth was to much of a party pooper to get one!
 Poi balls... Grammy Kylene ZeeZee totally needs you to make her some of these! She loved them...

 During the half-time at the night show, was the finale of the world fire-knife championship! IT WAS SOOOOO FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Both our kids fell asleep during it. I do not know how that happened. I have never seen anything so cool in my life! We weren't allowed to take pictures during the competition though (ya know, cuz they were throwing knives around. knives that were on fire...), sorry!

It was a sad day when we had to leave paradise. We flew home to pack up our house and head for more adventures!
Thank you to all our family members who made this part of our trip possible for us, especially Jade and Nayse for letting us sleep on your floor and take over your house for a week!
 So here's the last one for awhile (until Jan 2014 anyway): HURRAH!!!