Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Belated Anniversary

This year for our Anniversary (back in August), Seth gave me tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera at Pantages theatre. And a couple weekends ago, we went! It was such a fun night! (Well except for the part where I was stressing about ZZ most the night...)
First we went out to eat at this lovely restaurant where the food was absolutely divine! I don't think I've ever eaten anything so deliciously incredible in my entire life! Nor am I likely to eat anything that scruptulescent again, until Seth is a doctor...
After our fabulous dinner we went to Pantages theatre and saw Phantom. To be honest, I think the music in the recent movie version of Phantom of the Opera was 10 times better, but it was so fun seeing it acted out live! and for the first time I realized the Phantom is a bit of a perv. I mean, when watching the movie I think of him as a broken-hearted disfigured fellow with a song inside and a bit of a nasty temper. But in this play the character of the Phantom (any maybe it was just the actor...) was portrayed as a murderous monster-like pervert! Interesting...
Overall, it was such a fun night! and the first real date Seth and I have been on in years! I LOVE you Seth! Thanks for taking me!!!

Sister Sister....

Warning: Here comes alot of non-makeup photos!

So a couple weekends ago, all but one of my sisters came on a "Sisters Trip" to California! Part of the trip was at my house! We all had so much fun! Hot Tubbing, Eating, Talking, Eating, Making Crazy Music Videos, and Shopping!!! I'm so glad they all came to visit me I was missing them. I was glad Taylor (my brother's girlfriend) was able to come along as well, because it made the whole thing that much funner! I will have to post the music video so all can see us act like crazy hooligans!!!

Christa, Rachael, Sara and Me

Rocco LOVED having his Aunts here and cried after he realized they were gone...

Hot Tub Fun! Hannah, Rachael, Taylor, Sara, and Christa

Rocco at the Outlets... only interested in cars. not shopping.

Me, Christa and Sara
Rachael, Hannah, Christa, Sara, ZZ, and Taylor
Thanks girls for coming! I think we need to do it again soon, this time with Becca and the Beach!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Constipated Alma

Funny (to me) Rocco Story
So when we read scriptures at night we like to have Rocco "help", so usually Seth will say a couple words and then Rocco will repeat it... Saturday night we were reading Alma chapter 5 and when we got to verse 3, this is what I heard:

"I, Alma,"
"I Yalma"
"Having been consecrated"
"Having been Constipated"

I love my Rocco. He really does make life so much fun at our house!