Friday, November 19, 2010

Crazy Heads and Head Shots!

Well the story I'm about to tell actually happened a few weeks back, but it's a funny one (to us), so I don't want to forget it, and as I am putting all my blog posts into a book at the end of the year, I think this is the perfect way to make sure it will not be forgotten...

So Seth and I were kind of in an argument the other night (over something pretty stupid), and we were driving and talking/arguing and finally we just went into silent mode for a couple minutes and suddenly I hear from the backseat:
"Mommy, don't be mad at Daddy!"
(Pause Pause Pause)
"He's just"
Haha! He's such a smart kid! It was so funny, it was like he had to pause and think of the right word to describe his Daddy, and I think he got it spot-on! Hee-hee!
Well, it probably goes without saying that I just couldn't stay mad after that! So what's the moral of this story? if ever you feel mad at someone, just remember- Don't be mad, He's just crazy!!!!

On a different note; Do ya like Rocco's cute pictures!?!
After church a couple weeks back, I was trying to keep him quiet so Zeegan could take a nap, so we went outside and did a photo-shoot! I think they turned out pretty cute, so I'm going to enter one of them into a Toddler modeling contest I heard about today. Only problem is, I can only enter one photo, so the question now is: Which one?! Please cast your vote and let me know....
(P.S. I know he's not really smiling in most these pictures, but of the whole bunch that I took, these were pretty much the only ones where he wasn't "smoldering"... So, maybe consider his "Smolder" pictures when helping me decide which picture to send in)

Sammy's Home

Two years ago, Rocco's very Bestest best buddy, and Seth's youngest brother; Samuel, left on his mission to serve in the Salvador South mission of Brazil.
Now, Two moves (Gramma and Grampa Petersen and Fred and Kylene), Two Babies (Lukie and Zeegan), and Two Years, later, Sammy has returned!

Sammy came home October 29th. I got lost on my way to the airport (my sense of direction is non-existent), so we weren't there when Sammy came through the gates, shucks... But when we did see him (in the terminal drop-off area), it was like he'd never left. Rocco was just like "Hey Sammy" gave him a hug and went back to playing with his toys...

After the airport, all the family met back at Fred and Kylene's, for Lunch- Mexican food! Sammy was really missing it....

Zeegan is copying her brother- She LOVES Uncle Sammy!
Grampa was really getting in on all the excitement! Bouncing off the walls....

Zeegan tried to prove she comes from the Petersen family and went after the first Diet Coke she saw....

So on Sunday, was Sammy's homecoming. I heard he gave a wonderful talk, but I missed it, as I was out dancing the halls with Zeegan who didn't want to sit still. After church, Family and Friends of Sammy, had lunch/dinner at Fred and Kylene's. Zeegan LOVED all the attention she was getting from EVERYONE! She was all smiles, most of the day...

We are glad Sammy's back, we missed him!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Smolder

Those who know me really well, know that I am a huge princess fan. I dream of being a princess when I grow up, I have almost every line in every disney princess movie memorized, I've read pretty much every version of every Princess fairytale out there, I LOVE PRINCESS STORIES!
So at the end of this month, Disney's new princess movie, TANGLED, is being released to theaters. So of course I've been watching the trailers and previews and getting so excited for it!
Well, Rocco's been watching them with me. And one thing you'll see on these trailers is when Flynn Rider, the thief, gives Rapunzel the "smolder"... that is Rocco's VERY favorite part of each and every preview. If we watch one that is missing "The Smolder" he gets upset... and now, every time I take a picture, instead of smiling, he Smolders....

Here's that trailer, if you wanna see what I'm talking about....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

For Halloween we wanted Rocco and Zeegan to be a 3 Musketeer and a Renaissance Princess. I found the outfits I liked (pictured above) and then Kylene created herself a pattern and Sewed them right up for us! Personally, I think Kylene's versions are even better than the ones we were trying to copy cat! My babies turned out looking SOOOO cute!

Rocco's class at play-school got all dressed up in their costumes and then went trick-or-treating to all the teachers, he had so much fun!

Friday night our ward did a Halloween party and we took the kids all dressed up and let Rocco trunk-or-treat! It was lots of fun with lots of friends and funny costumes!

Saturday and Sunday we just spent time with the family! The kids all got dressed up and did crafts, and played fun halloween games, and we all ate lots of yummy food and had some hilarious conversations!

After the trick-or-treating, ZZ and I, were all tuckered out, so we played on the floor while the kids counted their candies... such a fun holiday!

Pumpkin Patch Fun

A couple weekends ago, before Halloween, my sister Rachael and her family came to play for a day! We went to the Pumpkin Patch!
Rocco and Zeegan had so much fun with their cousins; Dillan, Lexi, and Derrick. They climbed haystacks, bumper balled, ate yummy kettle corn, licked fabulous popsicles and just ran around together... it was lots of fun! The Bumper balls were especially hilarious (They put the kids in the middle of these giant blown up balls and then let them run into each other! Kind of like bumper cars, but inside big balls instead...)! That day was a fun one...

Rocco was especially lucky this year though, because he got to go again a couple days later with his school class! It was raining almost the entire time, which I didn't particularly enjoy, but Rocco and Zeegan loved every second of it!
The school children got to go through a hay maze, and pick their very own pumpkins, and see a whole bunch of animals. They got to feed Llamas, Rocco threw the feed in the Llama's face and ran away as fast as his little legs could carry him, he was terrified! And after all that fun, they got to eat a yummy snack and show off their pumpkins to one another... such a fun day!

Mario Mustache Mania

A couple weekends ago Rocco went to a Mario and Princess Peach Birthday Party (SO MUCH FUN!!!), and at that birthday party, he was given a Mario mustache, which he thoroughly enjoys!!! In fact, the whole family has been enjoying it...