Monday, May 6, 2013

ZeeZee is now THREE!

Well my sweet baby girl turned Three! can you believe it?! I swear it feels like she was just born. I can still remember the hospital like it was yesterday...

But, enough of that. Now, I'm gonna tell you about her party!

I REALLY REALLY wanted to do a princess and the pea party! I had so many fun ideas for it and tried and tried to convince Zeegan that that is the kinda party she wanted. LOL. However, she was dead set on a (get ready for it!) "Ballerina Fairy Princess" party. seriously girl?!  Can't she just pick one? It's easy to do a princess party (last year's theme!), it's easy to plan a fairy party, and it's easy to come up with ideas for a ballerina party. But try planning a party for all three! it's hard not to lean to far toward one of the three...
But we did it!

First the invite, not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of how I designed this little baby:

See that silhouetted fairy in a tutu and a princess tiara? Made that up! Seriously, I scoured the internet for a ballerina fairy princess silhouette and could find none. So I sent my thoughts and ideas and favorite ballerina silhouette to my fabulous sister and she drew me the image. Which I then stuck in photoshop and turned pink, and viola! Fabulousity!!!

The party was decorated with fairy houses, hanging hydrangea balls, tulle, ribbons, butterflies, flowers, and big blocks that read "BELIEVE" (for fairies), "DREAM" (for ballerinas), and "WISH" (for princesses)... Almost all the table-top decor came from a wonderful neighbor of mine who traded a family photo-shoot for a bedroom full of decor. I think I got the better end of the deal for sure!
My wonderful mother-in-law flew in for the weekend to be there for ZZs party and she brought wings to give all the little girls, and swords for all the little boys. She helped my sew a tutu to go around the foot high table that Seth built for all the kids to sit at (didn't I marry me such a stud-muffin-manly-man?!). and then we made little flower and butterflies cushions for all the kids to sit on.



I didn't think to take a picture of the food until it was nearly gone. oops!
We served, Fairy Bread (bread with butter, peanut butter, or nutella on it and then sprinkled with sprinkles...), Chicken Salad Croissants, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Watermelon, Strawberries, Chips and salad. With Pink Lemonade as a drink. ALL the food got eaten, and I'm not kidding when say: we made ATON of food! so it must've been good!


We had LOTS of little friends show up! We invited all the kids from Zeegan's nursery at church and then a couple close friends from outside of church as well. 23 out of 25 of those invited came! I was shocked (because seriously, we usually only have about 50% of the kids we invite show up! good thing we didn't invite the class just older than ZZ too; we wouldn't have all fit! lol).
After their lunch, the kids played games and in the bouncy house...

Then we painted/ colored/ or stickerified Fairy Castles! (Really they were just birdhouses that were shaped like castle. I found at Michaels craft store for super cheap. yay!).



ZeeZee was having such a good time! She kept giving me hugs and kisses and saying "Thank-you for my birthday party!" it was pretty special. It's been more than a week since her party and she still keeps asking when she can have another.

We ended the party with cupcakes (they were super cute! sad i didn't get a picture of them...) and ice-cream, donuts and cookies. And each child got to take home a goody bag, their fairy houses, and their wings (or swords).

Happy Birthday my Princess Zeegan! We LOVE You!!!