Sunday, March 17, 2013


Ahhh, our Galveston Trip: where to start?
I've heard so many people that dislike Galveston. I was excited to get out of town, but didn't have high hopes for loving Galveston because everyone I have talked to has told me how much they didn't like it there. But I gotta tell you: i was pleasantly surprised! We LOVED Galveston! Maybe it was the company? Maybe it was such a short trip we didn't have time to start disliking it (doubtful!)? Maybe it just really isn't as bad as people think it is?!

Our trip to Galveston was a quicky. We stopped off at the Houston LDS Temple on our way there. I've been to a lot of Temples, and I always think they are absolutely beautiful structures, but the Houston one is sooo unique and lovely that I was somehow surprised even after all the other Temples we've seen. We LOVED the flower gardens. They were lovely and teaming with flowers found all over Holland, so Seth was really loving it...

After the Temple, we stopped for dinner at this cute little Argentenian food place. Do I look excited? If you had smelled those things you would'e looked this excited too! They were incredible!!!!

Then it was on to Galveston. We went with friends Mandy and Brandon. Mandy's parents have a house on Galveston and it was soooo much fun there!
Our first morning we went to the sunflower cafe for breakfast. cute decor! yummy food! Happy people...

After breakfast we went on a Dolphin tour. Super cheap, and super fun! I was all pumped and ready to take some dolphin pictures, but didn't end up getting a whole lot (of dolphin pictures. i got lots of pictures of us people tho!); not because we didn't see a lot of dolphins, but because ZZ was scaring me as she was practically trying to jump off the boat to go visit the dolphins...

After the Dolphin tour we went on a ferry ride to another island, A PIRATE ISLAND! You can only imagine what I was imagining and how exciting the whole adventure was for me :).

Then we went back to the house.
Oh wait! I lied. FIRST, we stopped and got slushy-custards from Rita's! Blew. my. Mind! You have not tasted anything so delicious as that in your entire life; I guarantee it. SOOO GOOD! Seriously, It's worth going to Galveston just for that! (granted they have Rita's in Austin and Houston as well...).

Anyway, THEN we went back to the house. We did some kite flying, Golf-cart riding, paddle-boating, hammock sitting and fishing for the next couple hours. 

We went to The Spot for dinner. Which is apparently the spot for yummy food (pun intended, haha!). Then we went home and unfortunately ended up killing over ourselves as we were trying to put our kids to sleep :(. Next time, we'll be staying up late for GAMES! Woot! Woot! lol.

The next morning we ate a yummy breakfast, then went on a bit of a scenic drive. and then we went swimming! My kids felt like their life was complete!

 Then we had to go home :(.
Galveston was a blast! to all you haters out there: y'all don't know it, but you are soooo missing out on the hidden treasures of this once treasure island! it's fantastic!!!
Can't wait to go back again sometime! Thanks again for inviting us Brandon and Mandy!!!