Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leprechauns/ Lepers--- No Big Difference!

Funny Rocco Story:
So we've been trying to get Rocco off of bottles for awhile and it hasn't been working (mainly cuz were pushovers and when he cries and cries for a bottle we give in and give it to him). We've tried giving him sippy cups with warm milk and we've tried giving him bottles with just water, and every other trick in the book and nothing was working. He just would not go to sleep at night until he drank a warm bottle of milk (which meant we had to brush his teeth after he fell asleep a couple of times so that he didn't get horrible dental issues...).
So one night Seth tells Rocco that he can't drink bottles anymore because all of his teeth will fall out... The poor kid started screaming in his sleep that night "No, I don't want all my teeth to fall out!" (yes, I know, were horrible parents! I can't believe we gave our baby nightmares!!!). So I woke him up and told him not to worry, his teeth wouldn't fall out. which of course led to him wanting a bottle and me giving in when he started to cry...
So then when we went & stayed at the beach the other week for a night, we decided not to take any bottles with us and he went to sleep just fine. So when we came home, Seth told him that while we were gone the Leprechauns came and took all his bottles (Leprechauns are nice, right? we were hoping it wouldn't give him any more bad nightmares if we told him little green men with gold and rainbows took his bottles...). Well, he went to bed just fine that night thinking about Green rainbow men, but the next day he started crying and told me "Mommy I hate Lepers!, Make them bring back my bottles!"
So apparently us terrible parents have taught our son that Lepers steal bottles...
Good News tho: Rocco's been off Bottles for over a week now and never going back on them! Woot! Woot!

Fireman Freddy's Fire babies!

Seth's dad is a Fire fighter in LA and the other day he brought home his Fireman outifit (Coat, Boots, Hat, etc...) and I couldn't resist taking some fun pictures of my babies in Grampa's stuff...

Rocco thought he was so cool wearing Grampa's Gear!

Zeegan didn't particularly enjoy it, but the pictures turned out so cute that I think her yelling at us for a couple minutes was completely worth it!

She really didn't like getting stuffed in a boot, but I just couldn't resist doing some in it... (Nearly gave Grammy Kylene a heart attack tho, cuz ZZ kept rockin' back and forth and Kylene would have to grab her and the boot before they toppled off the table top!)
She's getting so Chubby!!! Look at her little Buddah Belly... i LOVE it!!!
I love my silly, but still cute as can be, tiny peoples!

Monday, June 28, 2010

2 down, 2 to go...

2 down and 2 to go...
and no, i'm not talking about kids!, I'm talking about years.
We have been in Medical school for 2 years now. We're Halfway!
These first two years of med school consisted of Classes, tests, lectures, studying and studying, and lots more tests... Then to make it to the official halfway point, Seth took his Step One exams about a week ago, it was a 7 hour test (on everything he's learned in the past two years...) that he's been studying relentlessly for! and even though we wont get the results for a couple more weeks, I'm positive he did fabulous!
We are so proud of him for making it this far and excited with him, because now he gets to work in the hospital! He's sure to enjoy it! But it wont be all that great for us here at home, because this year he will only get one day off a week!, and he'll be at the hospital some nights every week... Can we just all take a moment to say
I'm seriously not looking forward to church with two kids, alone. Plus my over-active imagination is sure to keep me scared to death half the night when he's at the hospital... Hopefully I can buck up and weather through it. I have to admit I'll be so happy when these next two years are over (not that residency will get any better, but I'm not going to think about that right now... baby steps, right?!). Good thing I've got two crazy kids with more than enough energy to keep me busy!

ZeeZee's saying "Hooray for Daddy!!!"

Rocco & Zeegan are happy for Daddy! Huzzah! Huzzah!

We're all a bit tuckered out after these past two years, except ZeeZee (who didn't come til the end of them, but she's always tuckered out, so she fits right in!), and Rocco (who's never tuckered out!)... okay maybe I should've said "Seth & I are tuckered out after these past two years"...

By the way:

Rocco Loves ZeeZee!

Daddy Loves ZeeZee!

Mommy Loves ZeeZee!

and everybody loves Rocco! (who also happens to love CARS!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Always good for a Laugh...

K so I'm not usually one to post videos on my blog of people other than my family members, but this week has just been one of those weeks (you know the ones where you wanna cry all the time because your tired and your 2 year old son has been driving you insane and you never get to see your husband, so you're feeling sorry for yourself...), and today has just been one of those days, and I needed a laugh and came upon these and thought I'd share some kicks and giggles just for fun and just in case anyone else needs a laugh...

"Who's in Da House!"

"Some people just can't discuss Religion..."

"I close my eyes and the flashback starts... I'm standing there, I'm really thin and you had hair"

"I think it's all in the neck"

Monday, June 14, 2010

Stingy Smiles

Well Zeegan is now 7+ weeks old!
And where Rocco was giving me all kinds of smiles at about 3 weeks old and on, all the time!, Zeegan only gives out smiles every now and then. She smiles at her Daddy and she smiles at my friend Melinda, but until approximately 34 hours ago, she had never smiled anything but gas at me...

(Rocco- 3 and a half weeks old and Smiley!!!)

So yesterday at church, during sacrament meeting, she suddenly gave me a big smile and I have to tell you, it was one of the most glorious moments of my life! She has such a cute smile! it was precious! and then again this morning after spending most of the night awake and crying, she gave me a really big beautiful smile and suddenly staying up all night seemed completely okay and even worth it...

(ZeeZee- 7 Weeks and still sleeping all the day long...)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mommy-Rocco Date Night!

I've been worried I haven't been spending enough one on one time with Rocco since Zeegan was born. So, tonight after I put Zee to bed, Rocco and I had Mommy-Son date night!
1st- we washed our faces and feet (my mascara was itching my eyes and Rocco wanted to wash my feet, so figured I'd better wash his too...)
2nd- We made and ate a Chocolate Caramel Brownie with vanilla ice cream! (note to self: next time, save the face washing 'til after the brownie!)
3rd- We made a movie for Daddy...
4th- We took silly Pictures...
5th- We cuddled and read a Lightning McQueen

Then it was bedtime. he went to sleep happy! that makes me happy :D

Love my Rocco!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dancing Lips

Funny Rocco Story:
On Saturday it was extremely hot here (about high 80s, so not as hot as it could be, but hotter than it has been...), so we pumped up the kiddie pool, filled it with water from the hose (a wee bit chilly...), and played!
Seth and Rocco played in the water first, and it was still freezing cuz it hadn't been in the sun long enough to get warm...
So Seth asked Rocco if he was cold and wanted to go in, and Rocco says
"No, I wanna play!"
So they keep playing and pretty soon Rocco's lips started shivering cuz the water was so cold, so Seth asks him again if he's cold and he says
"No! I'm okay Daddy."
So Seth asks him 'are your lips cold?' and Rocco says
"No, they're just dancing Daddy..."

My thoughts exactly...

The following quote portrays my sentiments exactly!:


Even though Seth's (and probably mine too, but I don't notice so much) clothes get spit up, slobber, and snot marks and have to be washed more often resulting in faded/ worn out looking clothing much faster...
Even though the days seem to last forever, but they're still not long enough for me to get everything done that I need to, Due to little "helping" hands...
Even though I hardly ever get sleep anymore...
Even though paying for diapers, wipes, and baby clothing (among other things) monthly (Heck! make that weekly), drains our play/ dating budget...

...The quote says it all!...

we are happier!...
our relationship is stronger!...
and we're just so excited for the future!!!

We LOVE our Babies!!!