Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rocco's Bday Party

Rocco's turning two and we're so excited!
Anyhow, I'm trying to think of fun ideas for the party, so if you have any, send them my way!!!
So far I'm thinking of doing cookies the shapes of a Piston Cup and a Race Car. I also think it'll be cute to serve some of the Food out of the back of the big Tonka Dump Trucks. And I'm putting a sign above the Soda fountain that says "Flo's V8 Cafe"... But other than that, I'm stumped... Help!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

BIG Beach Waves

So we went to the Beach yesterday and it was utterly delightful! and so Beautiful! The waves were GINORMOUS! We couldn't play in the water because they said it was too dangerous, but we played in the sand and we walked on the boardwalk and we stood on the pier as huge waves crashed all around us... It was awesome. The waves were so big that if standing on the pier, when a wave crashed, you would get splashed and really quite wet... Rocco Loved it! We love the Beach!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clean House!

Sorry no pictures, but a super cute Rocco Story...

This morning I was doing the dishes and Rocco kept taking things out of the dish washer (which was driving me Nuts!). So I told him "Rocco, Mommy is cleaning right now and you are making it really hard for me to get this done. Can you go clean your bedroom until I'm done with the dishes?" He nodded his head and walked out of the kitchen. Just like that!
So when I got done with the dishes I went to check on him and make sure I hadn't hurt his feelings. I walked into his bedroom and there he was with a package of wipes "cleaning" his room! It was precious! there were wipes all over the place and he was washing his TV screen (not good)... But I didn't mind one bit because he was cleaning! He even washed his sheets. So Cute...

...The End

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

English Tea Party & Swimming

Well Today I was in a baking mood and I had lots of sour cream that was about to expire, so I made English Scones! They were so yummy I made Rocco have a tea party with me...

After, Since Rocco was such a trooper and endured his girly girl mom's tea party, I took him swimming...

I know as his mother I am biased and I've said it before, but I seriously think I have the cutest little boy in the whole wide world!!!

He is now jumping off the Diving Board all on his own! It's so cute! He goes to the edge of the board and then bounces up and down while he yells "Ready, Seth, Go! Go! Go!" and then he jumps!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again...