Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dodgers Game!!!

Saturday Night I went to my first real baseball game! (I went to one of Seth's cousin's high school games once and I went to Seth's other cousin's mini people -as in 7 year olds- game, but I've never been to a professional or semi professional game before...) We got totally awesome seats; on the third baseline and only a few rows up! We also got to park in the "preferred parking" so we seriously only had to walk like 10 yards to get into the stadium... And even though the team we were cheering for lost; It was all so Super Duper fun!

We had the Chamberlin's come with us and Lauren was kind enough to teach me a little about batting averages and stuff so I found the whole thing pretty interesting! Due to our camera's poorly timed death (may it R.I.P), and not wanting to bring my big honky tonky camera, i couldn't take pictures of all the fun (which is why I just have stock photos instead of fab photos of us). But it really was a blast... Rocco LOVED it! Turns out he's a real baseball enthusiast (or somethin like that...)

Partially through the game Josh asked what Dodgers stood for, like what were they dodging (The Law?, Border Patrol?, ect....).
So i looked it up! A little "Dodgers" trivia for ya... Where did the term Dodgers come from?
Well, as we all know, they were originally from Brooklyn, aka, the Brooklyn Dodgers. And around that time (about 1890) most New Yorkers routinely called anyone from Brooklyn a "trolley dodger," due to the vast network of street car lines criss-crossing the borough as people dodged trains to play on the streets. When the second Washington Park burned down early in the 1891 season, the team moved to nearby Eastern Park, which was bordered on two sides by street car tracks. That's when the team was first called the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. Which was later shortened to just the Brooklyn Dodgers and eventually just Dodgers...

So Josh, in answer to your question: Nope, they were not dodging border patrol or the law! Just trains and trolleys... Hee hee!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimming is the Bomb-Diggity.com!!!

No Joke, the kid is half fish! We've been going swimming a couple times a week lately and Rocco LOVES it! He is getting so good at it. He swims all over the pool and doesn't want my help with anything. If I were to guess, I would think he would be jumping off the diving board by within the next two weeks, cuz he already jumps off the side and he's not scared of the slide...

I CONSTANTLY have to remind him not run!

Especially when Daddy is the one going down it with him...


Tahition Dance

So I was invited to be the photographer at a nation wide Tahition Dance competition last weekend, so I was super duper excited about it! Well when we got down there, I found that I was one of about 15+ photographers invited to be "the" photographer for the event. So that was a big bummer because I was really hoping to make a nice prophet off this competition and it seemed that each dance group competing had their own private photographers and any who didn't have a Private Photographer had 15+ of us other event photographers to choose between... Bummer!

But hey! On a different note, I got a nice tan being outside all day and I got to see some pretty awesome dancing! So even though I really didn't make any money, I had a good time....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camera Issues and DLand

Well we took Rocco to Disneyland and California Adventure a couple Friday's ago! We had a blast! Rocco went nuts over the CARS display thing they had there...

We took lots of AWESOME pictures (even tho we only brought our old, and somewhat "on it's last leg" camera) and got some real great videos of my adorable little guy, and guess what?! When we went to load them onto the computer they only partially loaded and then they erased, and the videos came up blank!, and on the camera, in place of the pictures and videos, it says "this file cannot be found"... SO SAD!!! I was heart broken that we lost the video of when Rocco first saw Lightning McQueen!

Anyhow, Seth is working on finding a way to recover the images and the videos, and when he does: i'll post the video cuz it just makes you smile!

But until then, you can see a partial image:

These pictures just don't do it any justice....